Snapchat's Official Merchandise

We do not sell any of Snapchat's official merchandise directly on our store but they are for sale through Amazon.

Product Name Description Price
Official Snapchat Plushie (Small) Official Snapchat Plushie (Small) by Snapchat, Inc. The Official Snapchat Plushie is the only ghost you can actually hug. He will look great on your desk or sofa, and he'll be your boo when you're feeling blue (without spooking you out or disappearing).


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Official Snapchat Backpack Official Snapchat Backpack by Snapchat, Inc. For trick or treating, or toting some very important documents to your next meeting, the Official Snapchat Backpack is the bag you'll always want to have with you.


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Official Snapchat Ice Tray Official Snapchat Ice Tray by Snapchat, Inc. We heard your game's ice cold! Take your beverages to the next level with the Official Snapchat Ice Tray, which makes any refreshment more refreshing - and fun.


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Official Snapchat Beach Towel Official Snapchat Beach Towel by Snapchat, Inc. A towel, The Snapchatter's Guide to Ghost World says, is about the most massively useful thing a Snapchatter can have. Partly it has great practical value.


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Official Snapchat Playing Cards Official Snapchat Playing Cards by Snapchat, Inc. Sit around a table with friends and dump the cards in the middle! Have everyone take a Snap together, caption it "SnapKings", and add it to their Stories. Have one friend pick a card and follow the instructions. Then another friend picks. Happy Snapping!


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